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Bob grew up in a very musical family in rural Ohio. He's been playing keyboards, singing and entertaining since the age of 7.  


After studying music at Ohio Northern University he toured with several acts including Spiral Staircase, The Smash and Louie Fontaine (of Paul Revere fame)


Bob eventually settled in Seattle, WA where he spent 34 years working in the music education field, working closely with music students in public and private schools.

Bob has recorded on dozens of film and album projects, including these

notable ones:

-Cable "ACE" award winner for his original soundtrack to "Little Pollute", a short film commissioned by the State of Washington. 

-1st place for his song "Acceptance" on Music


-Soundtrack Of My Life (2016

-Just Let It Go (2017)

-Movin" On (2018)

-Feelin' Fine (2019)

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